Summer Beach Vacation in Black Sea Resort Primorsko

    Bulgaria is located in Southeast Europe bordered by the Black Sea to the east, Romania to the North, Serbia and Macedonia to the West, Greece to the South and Turkey to the Southeast. Historically an important crossroads between Europe and Asia, it is the oldest country in Europe.     BULGARIA with its strategic position, is situated in SouthEastern Europe and central part of the Balkan Peninsula (the name of "OLD Mountains - STARA planina" in the past was "BALKAN Mountains"), south of the Lower Danube. The Balkan Mountains separate Bulgaria in two parts. They reach the Black sea to the east and the Bulgarian-Serbian border to the west.
   The southern part of the country has broad and irregular Rhodope Mountains, which form the boundary with Greece. At their western end are the Rila Mountains with Musala, the highest peak on the Balkan Peninsula (2925 m). Among the bosoms of Rila at the altitude of 1147 m above sea level, on the right bank of the Rila River is situated the most outstanding monument of Bulgarian culture and architecture of the Revival period - the Rila Monastery, known also as the Holy Rila Retreat.

Black sea

Black sea
The Rila Monastery

The Rila Monastery
vacation house for rentvacation house for rent
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   The Bulgarian Black Sea Coastal stretch faces east and extends over 378 km, is a popular destination for thousands of Bulgarian's as well as foreign holiday-makers every summer, with warm sea temperatures, a sunny climate and picture-perfect white sand beaches.    Black sea has wide sandy beaches, picturesque gulfs, rocky mouths of the rivers, romantic peninsulas and vineyards, pure and quiet, without low tides and high tides, less salty, than Mediterranean, without dangerous predatory fishes.

Primorsko beach

Summer vacation on the beach
holiday on the northern beach

Holiday on the northern beach

      The delightful and unique nature of Bulgaria - the country with the history leaving in depth of centuries, rich modern culture, with the picturesque folklore, a rich cultural heritage-historical, tasty kitchen, the kindliness and hospitality of its inhabitants will make your stay in this heavenly spot of the ground unforgettable!    Bulgaria is famous in the solar summer, set of the well-known resorts, the magnificent sea with amazing sandy beaches for which cleanliness it from year to year awards well-known " blue flag ".

Bulgarian beach

Sea and beach
Water Lilies

Water lilies by Arkutino

  It is a beautiful country with wonderful locations and no matter what your dream might be, you can find it in Bulgaria. Owing to a geographical position, in territory of the country the unique bio climate was generated, in its small territory unique natural sights, by the magnificent nature, a soft climate, the warm sea, normal humidity, rich weather conditions and splendid beaches are combined.

South beach

South beach
Strand paradies

Magnificent beach

      Travel  is a fine opportunity to see the world, to admire from his variety, to take pleasure in impressions and to become bored on the house. Tourism enables us to get never tired of a life, constantly being surprised with something new and novel. Choosing the sea tour on our site, you can be assured that your holiday will be unforgettable!

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